About CoinSeason

CoinSeason Trading Platform

CoinSeason Capital Inc. is located in Vancouver, Canada, a subsidiary of Volctech Blockchain Inc. Coinseason is a Fintech startup since August 2017 and growing at an unprecedented speed. We are dedicated to being the largest cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that is supporting, but not limited to, English and Chinese interface. CoinSeason is also involved in projects including: application and implementation of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, smart contract, issuing of ICO, bitcoin trade and mining etc.


Government Regulated

Registered and legally regulated by Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)

FINTRAC registration number:M18293096

Secured Trading

Our trading system with maximum security which grants our users a reliable and secure trading platform

Secure System

Maximum security by using SHA512-CX Algorithm encryption and Memory matching technology. Decentralized and Cloud defensive tools to keep away hackers’ attacks

Secure Fund Storage

98% of the fund in the system is stored in the COLD wallet (Offline), only 2% of the encrypted assets is stored in HOT wallet (Online)

Protection of Users

Using multiple authentication MFA/U2F technology to keep the sensitive information safe. Real-time monitoring and risk-assessment, using AI system to monitor and avoid information leaks, and giving maximum security and protection to the system and users


Core Technology

Applying above-industrial-average core technology, certified memory matching technology can achieve 1.5 million transactions/s

Form of Trading

Our trading platforms opens OTC, P2P, an C2C systems to cover all trading demands

Various Foreign Currencies Supported

CAD/USD/RMB/various cryptocurrencies

Regulated and Law Abiding

Legally regulated and registered with FINTRAC, which gives users confidence

Solid Legal Advising Aid

A set of protocols for KYC/AML, created by famous renowned law firm

Trading System

Transparent and safe trading system via blockchain transactions


Canada, especially B.C., is supportive and providing a policy-friendly business environment to blockchain, ICO, and cryptocurrencies

Strong and solid partners

Long-time collaboration with various stable crypto capitals in the United States


Sale Information

CoinSeason is dedicated to becoming a Canada based, legally regulated, fast, and secure trading platform for all the global users with blockchain assets. Our all new own utility token CSZ can be used to pay for the transaction fees with exclusive discount on our exchange platform, as the implementation of blockchain technology into daily use.

Start selling on

July 18, 2018 (09:00 PST)

Total for sale

CSZ (60%)

End selling on

Sep 6, 2018 (23:59 PST)

Token Price

1 ETH = 15,000CSZ

Accepted payment


Minimum per order

Private Sale Funding: 100 ETH

Crowdsale: 1 ETH

Buy now to get 15% bonus CSZ Token
Purchase CSZ

CSZ Token Distribution


Road Map

September 2017

The Establishment of Coinseason Capital Inc.

October 2017

Coinseason Blockchain Asset Trading Platform goes online

January 2018

Platform Development Started and fully governed by FINTRAC

June 2018

CoinSeason online trading platform 2.0 goes live

July 2018

Token Sale

October 2018

Mobile App Launch

December 2018

CoinSeason Option Launch

June 2019

Decentralized Exchange System Launch

December 2019

SeasonPay Launch

June 2020

SeasonPay enables global end-to-end transactions


CoinSeason Team at Meetup

CoinSeason Team has been actively taken participations at local Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Events to meet more friends congenial and digital assets investors. We aim to comprehend different users’ interests and needs, functionally advance CoinSeason trading platform to meet the needs of the mass market.

CoinSeason FIRST VIP Conference

CoinSeason launched a VIP conference specially to show our appreciation to loyal customers and bring great news of ICO release. The event had a complete success, enthusiasm from loyal customers has kept motivating us to make CoinSeason trading platform the industry-leading level. More meaningful events will be launched so that more users from all over the world can finally meet CoinSeason Team in person.

CoinSeason 2.0 Launch Event

CoinSeason Trading Platform and the top Canadian law firm BLG co-hosted Vancouver's first meeting to discuss the latest updates on Canadian cryptocurrency regulations and the implications of these regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges and users. The conference gathered a large number of blockchain elites, project parties and media friends from all over the world. On this special day, the CoinSeason Trading Platformm also proudly announced to the participants that the 2.0 version platform was officially launched, showcasing the new platform interface and new features.


William Wang
Founder & CEO

William is the CEO and founder of Volctech Blcokchain Technology Corporation. Volctech was found in May 2017, a technology company providing technical support and consultancy guidance. Since founded, Volctech has participated and hatched several blockchains and projects, and successful launched the mine immigration project in Canada. Three months later, William led the company’s key members started CoinSeason currency exchange. Within a month of CoinSeason creation, in the absence of full market expansion, he completed a single month trading volume of 20 Million US dollars fiat currency/Bitcoin transaction.

James Li
CTO & Co-Founder

James has 8 years enterprise level software developing experience. His main responsibility is the establishment and training of our technical teams, the framework of the design professional system, and the leading platform technology direction. James worked for SAP, a famous enterprise resource management software company. He was in charge of R&D (Research and Development) ERP resource management system as he is proficient of the memory data system. James lead his teams to participate in several large projects of Microsoft and Adobe, which include Microsoft artificial intelligence machine learning product Cognitive, and Adobe image machine learning products, Adobe Stock and related software development.

Jack Wang
COO & Co-Founder

University of British Columbia graduate with a degree in electrical engineering that is the top 30 university in the world. He worked as a director of product management in a famous technology company for many years in Vancouver, and he collaborated with multiple R&D teams to complete multiple product launches. Also, he participated in joint development of numerous technology projects with world-renowned software makers Adobe and Microsoft. At the same time, Jack provides solution to banks and other institutions on corporate architecture.

Nicki Yang
Fund Management Director

Nicki completed the Master’s degree in finance at Fordham University, studied in Stanford University in undergraduate exchange program with straight A grades. Nicki worked on Wall Street for famous private equity company Blackstone as trader fund manager. She also is the founder of the The LeoTank Group Digital Currency Fund and New York Jewish families’ independent partner. Nicki focuses on alternative asset management and hedge fund analysis consulting with the legend of Jim Rogers as her instructor on Wall Street, and has participated in several large-scale M&A projects, including Snapchat, Sohu etc. Nicki is the only Asian in Blackstone Group hedge fund alternative asset management department. She is capable of earning stable returns for her clients by using the short term volatility of the currency market regardless of market fluctuations. In January 2018, her volatility strategy brought up to 100% return.

Fei Yan
Executive Architect

Master of Computer Science, University of Regina, Canada, TOGAF9 Certified Corporate Architect, Fei is a senior proficient in software security who continuously researches new methods to improve system security and stability. In addition to his extensive experience in full-stack development, Fei also has years experiences as a team leader. As a pioneer in blockchain industry and coin miner, he not only developed several WebApps but also set up his own mining pools, targeting ETH. As one of the first senior engineers to enter the blockchain industry, Fei is familiar with the major exchanges and is committed to building a complete user security system in Canada.

Xinyi Wang
Executive System Engineer

Xinyi is an applied Computational Mathematics Graduate from the University of Simon Fraser, also a Successful entrepreneur with the major contribution to multiple open source communities. He has years of network development architecture experience accumulated during his time at Booster Technology on leading the development of ERP system architecture, focusing on reducing system complexity, encrypting sensitive data, security processing, comprehensively combing and optimizing business processes. Before Booster Technology, he worked for Hackers Capital, responsible for the development of the underlying architecture and front-end technology, data sorting, artificial intelligence training data, and ensuring high-frequency data security, enhancing system efficiency, and intelligence. He is an active member of digital cryptocurrency technology communities, with his profound mathematical skills, making a significant contribution to the development of the blockchain community.

Frank Zhang
Fintec Big Data Engineer

Having decades of work experience in coding, Frank is an experienced senior software engineer. Frank has earned his senior engineer certificate from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China, which is licensed senior software engineer recognized by the government. He had served as the senior engineer in Huawei Shenzhen and Shenzhen TINNO Mobile Technology Company Limited. Frank is deeply experienced in source-code control system, automated testing, big data, and cloud computing. As a senior software engineer, Frank loves to balance his life with making new friends. Frank is an energetic, optimistic, and sincere to work with.

Eric Li
Sales Director

Although Eric graduated from UBC as an Economic Major Bachelor, he set foot in the media industry after his academic years. He had served in different listed media and broadcast companies for 15 years and known for his acute sense and balance commentary. Working with various marketing and promotional events for different worldwide brands, Eric learned about different industries and realized the need on the search of new potential markets. He becomes a truly believer of cryptocurrency and has strong confidence on the market development.

Erica Wang
Product Director

Erica majored in Political Economics and obtained her bachelor’s degree from The City University of New York. Erica had conducted many professional interviews with business leaders including Mr. Helge Lund, the CEO of Statoil. With her solid media background, she found Bitomics, a news media focus on blockchain. During the years, she participated in GPU ZCASH mining and stock markets trading, which gave her unique insights in blockchain, cryptocurrency and the capital market.

Clover Zhou
Marketing Director

Clover has worked in marketing and corporate management for many years in Canada. She also participates in multiple cross-industry projects, including large-scale investment projects such as trade, catering, retail, and immigration. In addition, she has extensive experience in North American real estate market investment, analysis, and evaluation. In her previous job, Clover believes in high-quality customer service, complete market analysis, and high-level product quality. On the other hand, Clover also follows the blockchain and cryptocurrency market for many years. She is committed to bringing the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into everyday life. At the same time, Clover has unique and pragmatic insights in the incubation and landing of ICO projects.


Cao Li
Technical Advisor

Being not only the CTO of baozoumanhua.com, CTO and co-founder of qiushibaike.com, CEO of Bitrabbit, Cao is also the founder of bling0.com. Cao was the former senior technical specialist in Alibaba and he was the translator for a book on JavaScript designing. Cao is a successful start-ups entrepreneur who created multiple creative communities and excelled in managing start-ups. Besides aiding and training startup companies, Cao is also a senior lecturer in Rails/Ruby/JavaScript.

Xinyi Chen
Operation Consultant (Trading Platform)

After graduating in Electronic Engineer with first honor from The University of Leeds, Chen obtained her Master degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from University College London. Chen was the Vice President and General Manager of UCloud who was responsible for marketing strategy and implementation. One of the remarkable achievements Chen had achieved was boosting company’s sales by more than 150%, and double the annual growth rate for the number of users. Chen is the COO of Bitrabbit who is responsible for strategic planning, marketing, and overseas expansion. The Founder of Chain CV, and DFUND, also the stockholder of China CV, Binance and Bitfinex. Huang led his team, Team Genesis, earned numerous huge success in Blockchain technology and investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an TokenSale?

TokenSale, or Initial coin offering, is a means of crowdfunding that enables us to issue digital assets (tokens) in exchange for investments

What is CSZ?

CSZ is CoinSeason Coin. It is a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on ERC20 standard on the Ethereum platform. CSZ is platform token from CoinSeason Trading Platform, which can be used as transaction fees rebates and for listing new tokens at CoinSeason

What are CSZ token privileges?

CSZ ICO participants will be eligible for several privileges. Private Sale ICO participants earns 20% bonus CSZ with a minimum of 100ETH purchase, 30% bonus CSZ with a minimum of 500ETH purchase. Public ICO participants will get 15% bonus from 1st day to 10th day, 10% from 11th day to 20th day, 5% from 21st day to 40th day and no bonus from 41st to end of the sale.

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

The minimum purchase amount is 1 ETH

What is the amount of tokens being released in total?

CSZ’s total circulation is based on ETH, and the maximum token to be available will be equivalent to 30,000 ETH. At the same time, CoinSeason promises never to make additional issuance. If the funding being raised exceeds 30,000 ETH, CoinSeason will refund the excess according to the time of the transaction.

What cryptocurrencies I can use to buy CSZ tokens?

We accept ETH

Will I get a confirmation email?

Yes, confirmation email will be sent to all CSZ buyers

Can I trade CSZ tokens at an exchange?

We plan to list CSZ tokens on CoinSeason Trading Platform in September 2018

When can I sell tokens?

After the ICO, you will be able to sell CSZ tokens once they become of no utility to you. We plan to sell them on our own exchange platform www.coinseason.com. However, there is no guarantee of liquidity as well as there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell it for a price equal to or greater than the price that it was purchased

What currencies I will be able to exchange by using CSZ?

We’re looking to start with USD/CAD/RMB, more currencies to be added later

How can I use CSZ tokens?

CSZ token holders are incentivised to hold on to their CSZ coins, as these will be essential to our exchange loyalty program. For CoinSeason Platform members who purchase enough CSZ, we will discount the exchange fees for exchange transactions if they pay the fee with CSZ tokens

How much is 1 CSZ token?

1 token is worth 0.00006667ETH (1 ETH = 15000 CSZ)

Is there a shortlist of currencies you guys have in mind, or will I be able to trade them all?

We’re looking to start up with BTC, ETH, BCH, ZEC, BTG, ETC, XRP, LTC. We’re looking to add more major currencies and list more high quality ICOs on our platform later in the year

What FIAT currencies will you support as payment?

Initially we look to start withUSD, CAD AND CNY, specifics depending on the number of customers signing up from each respective geography as well as CSZ‘s ability to comply with local legislative requirements

What payment methods will you use?

We are planning to use wire transfer or email-transfer. This will be finalized once the negotiations with our partners are over

Will "Know Your Customer" requirements apply, or it will be anonymous?

Yes, “Know Your Customer” requirements will be applicable

Do you have referral system?

Not yet, but we will offer one shortly

Is there a bounty program?

Yes, we will release more information about our bounty program

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